Hair Loss Myths

4 Hair Loss Myths And Facts 2022 Debunked

The hair loss myths of what can keeps cause hair loss. When it comes to dealing with a widespread condition of balding, thinning crown, and the maturing of receding hairline, you are likely to hear a lot of suggestions and about causes of hair loss surrounding a particular issue.

Male pattern baldness is not an exception for both men and women, but you have probably heard a lot of strange and even crazy “facts” about hair loss, as well as “useful treatment” suggestions that can really help you out. And while some of these misconceptions may seem to be just funny and harmless, others may put their health in danger or make the problem even worse. So in order to avoid any serious mistakes with hair loss treatment, make sure you know about these common hair loss myth that many believe to be true:

The 4 Hair loss myth

1. Myth: Shaving your head is a must

You can hear a lot of people telling you that if you shave your head or the bald spot, the hair will start growing faster and denser. While this may work for certain parts of the body, scalp hair loss is a totally different story. If you choose to shave your bald spot when it is already visible, you risk making it even bigger and noticeable. How? When you shave your head, the razor is likely to damage the skin and irritate the hair follicles in it. If the hair follicle is already weak enough to produce hair at a slower rate, shaving can aggravate the condition. So if you don’t plan to stay bald all the time, it’s better to forget about shaving your head as a solution to hair loss.

2. Myth: Your mother’s to blame

Many “specialists” well tell you that male pattern hair loss is passed through generations by the means of the Y chromosome you get from your mother. Doctors used to believe in this mechanism for several decades, however, they also observed that in many cases male pattern hair loss is actually transmitted from father to son. So the actual cause is definitely of different nature than simple genetic predisposition. And you don’t have to blame your mother for having bald spots.

3. Myth: Does Wearing hats cause balding?

Blood circulation is also believed to be the key to hair loss in men. And you can hear a lot of people telling you that wearing a hat can actually cause hair loss because a hat is likely to reduce the blood circulation in the scalp. First of all, if your hat would be able to cut your scalp blood circulation, you would definitely feel that because it should be too tight to fit your head. Moreover, any specialist will tell you that bald people have just the same blood circulation in the scalp as people without hair loss problems do. So you can easily wear any hat you want as long as it fits you well.

4. Myth: Have less sex to keep your hair

Some people believe that with every ejaculation, there’s a build-up of hormones responsible for hair loss. While this is partially true, as testosterone by-product is actually known to cause hair loss, there’s no actual connection between sex and the build-up of this substance. So instead of keeping your sexual activity at a minimum, speak to your doctor about using Propecia. Propecia is a drug that actually reduces the number of testosterone by-products in the body. And you don’t have to avoid sex at all.

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