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Folifort vs Nutrafol: (Reviews 2022) Which One is Better?

I’m often asked about Folifort vs Nutrafol, which one I recommend as a good multivitamin for hair growth, so I went out and did some research on my two favorite brands: Folifort and Nutrafol. Both are great vitamins that help with hair loss and overall wellness. Still, there are differences between the Folifort and Nutrafol that might be worth considering before making your purchase decision. Read on to learn more!

Folifort vs Nutrafol: Who Wins?

Each Folifort and Nutrafol are well-known hair growth supplements designed to boost your body’s natural hair-growing process. Both claim to help make stronger, more full, healthy hair growth; both contain different ingredients and formulations.

If you’re looking for a reliable supplement for hair growth to improve your health and the fullness and thickness of your hair, You’ve probably heard of Folifort or Nutrafol. Which one is the most effective? Have both been proved to be efficient?

We chose to test Folifort and Nutrafol to determine which product actually produces actual results in slowing the loss of hair or even stopping it altogether while restoring full, healthy hair growth and increasing the quality and strength of hair.

We reviewed the findings of research and clinical studies, scrutinized the ingredient lists for every supplement, read authentic customer reviews, and analyzed price differences to discover which one was most efficient. Find out which one was crowned our winners in this comparison list!

The Short Answer

With Exclusive Discount. Folifort Natural Hair Growth Supplement Formula Have The lowest price Period.

  • Pros: Impressive 4.45-star average rating.
  • More affordable than the competition.
  • An impressive mix of natural ingredients.
  • A unique combination with Biotin as well as Fo-Ti.
  • The brand is well-known and well-established.
  • Cons: Changes in diet can cause temporary constipation.

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The supplement with the highest rating is Folifort. Folifort is the one with the highest reviews (4.45 overall rating). Folifort also has all-natural vitamins, minerals, and botanical ingredients that have been known to slow the loss of hair and aid in the growth of hair naturally.

Folifort is priced at a lower cost. Folifort (as low as $49 per bottle) is less expensive than Nutrafol (as low as $85/bottle) and works for both women and men. Nutrafol reviews indicate that users have some success in regrowing their hair following the loss of hair.

However, it’s priced more than Folifort, contains various herbal ingredients, and has an increased dosage (4 capsules per day) compared to Folifort. The huge Nutrafol cap size (some reviewers compared the capsules to horses’ pills) is an additional disadvantage.

Folifort has the winning hand in this case; however, it’s not because Nutrafol is a bad or bogus product for growth. The reason is that users praise that Folifort is highly effective and comes in a lower dose and at an affordable cost over other hair loss products.

About Folifort and Nutrafol

Folifort and Nutrafol are hair growth supplements that include a variety of natural ingredients, such as minerals, vitamins, and botanical extracts. Both are available on the internet without a prescription.

Folifort is available as a one-time supplement that can be used by both men and women who have experienced a loss of hair and/or damage.

Nutrafol, On the contrary, is available in 3 different supplements, with options geared towards females (Nutrafol Women), men (Nutrafol Men), and postmenopausal females (Nutrafol women’s balance).

Both Folifort and Nutrafol supplements are made to supply the body with targeted, specific ingredients that are essential to growing hair naturally.

They do not explicitly claim to boost your hair’s growth rate or make it grow faster. Instead, both supplements claim to boost the body’s natural capacity to increase hair growth by ensuring that you don’t experience hair loss due to a mineral or vitamin deficiency.

Certain of the ingredients found in Folifort and Nutrafol are extracts of plants that function by regulating hormone levels, which can cause the loss of hair.

Folifort claims include:

  • Promotes general health and durability of hair
  • Essential minerals and vitamins support the body’s natural growth process
  • Improves your hair’s appearance, quality, and look
  • Enhance your density and thickness and the strength of new hair growth
  • Enhance hair health via improved quality of growth

Nutrafol claims include:

  • Enhance the health of hair Strength, thickness, and thickness
  • Increases scalp coverage
  • Reduce shedding
  • Made from 100% natural ingredients

Both claims are supported by research. However, it’s best to examine each supplement to determine the most effective and provides most reliable, quantifiable outcomes.

Because these two supplements have various substances (with an inevitable overlap) with different dosages and are available at various prices, let’s look at them in each category to determine which is the winner.

Let’s start with the ingredients to find out what makes these supplements so efficient – and what ingredient mix is most effective in preventing hair loss.

Folifort vs Nutrafol Ingredients

Folifort vs Nutrafol both have a variety of natural ingredients that contain minerals, vitamins, and botanical extracts that are scientifically proven to have a connection to the body’s own natural process of hair growth. Let’s take a look at the active ingredients in each supplement and how effective they are against loss of hair varies.

Folifort Ingredients

  • Blend proprietary: A collection of scientifically-proven ingredients proven to reduce or reverse the loss of hair while increasing the coverage of scalp and hair density. They are part of the Folifort proprietary blend. These include saw palmetto (hormone regulator) and horsetail extract. The bamboo extract and peony root alfalfa, spirulina, and the amino acid L-tyrosine aid in collagen production.
  • Folic acid: The synthetic vitamin B9 is a vitamin that plays a role in cell development; deficiencies in folate have been related to early greying and loss of hair.
  • Biotin: Vitamin B7 assists in managing metabolism, energy, digestion, and nerve signals in the body. Deficiencies can cause hair loss. Research studies show that it is effective in increasing the hair’s volume, thickness, and volume over the span of 90 days.
  • Fo-Ti: Additionally called Chinese climbing knotweed, the Fo-Ti is a plant extract that has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries; it has been demonstrated to be equally efficient to Rogaine (minoxidil) against loss of hair in clinical tests.
  • Iron: Mineral are essential to our lives that is found inside red blood cell as well as muscle cells. Deficiencies are related to hair loss and thinness. It has been shown to boost the healthy circulation of blood to the hair follicle, which results in better growth quality.

The ingredients in Folifort are supported by research and clinical evidence to support their capability to reverse and stop the loss of hair while also helping hair growth.

Nutrafol Ingredients

  • Saw palmetto: Hormone-regulating saw palmetto (also in the Folifort formula) has been shown to lower levels of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) that are linked to male pattern baldness; research has shown it increases scalp coverage and total hair count in men, but the data for women is severely lacking.
  • Hydrolyzed collagen: is a type of protein that is required to ensure optimal growth and health; Nutrafol makes use of cod fish as a protein source for collagen.
  • Extract of horsetail: This plant extract has high amounts of silica. Silica is an important mineral that helps hair growth as well as nail health to minimize breakage and enhance the appearance of hair growth.
  • Fo-Ti/Resveratrol: It is a component in Chinese climber knotweed (also included in the Folifort formula) Fo-Ti or Resveratrol improves blood flow and circulation. It has been proven to be equally or better than the main ingredient in Rogaine for men.

Which Ingredient Blend Is Better – Folifort or Nutrafol: Who Wins?

The ingredients in Nutrafol’s three different supplements have been proven that they are effective for greater part, but we found an obvious issue with Nutrafol formulations.

Nutrafol’s products, even ones designed specifically for women contain higher levels of ingredients that have been proven to be effective in men (specifically to fight male pattern hair loss). These are botanical supplements such as saw palmetto, horsetail extract and Fo-Ti.

Folifort is a blend of the same ingredients from nature that have been proved to be effective for males however, it also contains an assortment of ingredients tested in their effectiveness for women and men.

Folifort also has an increased proportion of well-known minerals and vitamins that stop hair loss due to mineral or vitamin deficiencies. It can also make it reverse.

Additionally, Folexin contains more vitamin and mineral components that are supported by decades of research into their role within the human body’s normal hair-growing process. Because of this, Folifort is the most effective and scientifically backed formulation for both men as well as women.

Folifort vs Nutrafol Pricing

Folifort and Nutrafol can be considered both over-the-counter products that don’t require a prescription from a doctor; therefore, the price associated with these drugs (not paid for by insurance) is important to the majority of consumers. We have compared the prices of Folifort vs Nutrafol in order to see the one that is more expensive.

Folifort Pricing

We took a look at the cost of purchasing Folifort directly on the website (not Amazon, where the price is more expensive) to make this comparability. Here’s the price you’ll pay for Folifort:

  • $69 per bottle for one bottle of 60 capsules (a 30-day supply)
  • $49 ($48.96 total) for two 60-capsule bottles ( 180-day supply)
  • $59 for a 60-capsule bottle ( 90-day supply) when you buy 4 bottles deal, receive one free bundle

The price ranges between $59 and $69 for a bottle based on the number of bottles you purchase Folifort is priced at a reasonable price. Folifort is very reasonable in comparison to other hair growth supplements.

Nutrafol Pricing

Pricing for Nutrafol direct from the website is more expensive than Folifort. Here’s what you’ll be paying for Nutrafol:

  • $88.00 per 120-capsule bottle (30-day supply)
  • $79.00 for a bottle of 120 capsules with a monthly auto-delivery sign-up
  • $75.00 for a bottle of 120 capsules ($225 in total) with 3 months auto-delivery sign-up

The lowest price you’ll pay for an entire bottle of Nutrafol is $75. However, for this price, you’ll need to buy a three-month supply. Therefore, you’ll need to pay $225 in advance for the bottle to be priced at $75.

If you’re looking to purchase one bottle of Nutrafol in order to test it out, you’ll have to enroll in monthly auto-delivery to receive the lowest cost of $79 for a bottle. If you’re not willing to sign up for regular deliveries, you’ll have to pay $88 for each bottle.

Which Supplement Is More Affordable?

Nutrafol is higher priced than Folifort. Even when we take a look at the lowest price we can find for those supplements, Nutrafol is priced at 316% higher than Folifort, and you’ll need to consume two times as many capsules each day to reach the recommended dose.

When you consider the price per bottle, without reductions, Nutrafol (at $88/bottle) is 253% more expensive than Folifort ($24.95/bottle). If budget is an important element in your decision, Folifort is the clear winner in this case.

Folifort vs Nutrafol Reviews

The two supplements Folifort along with Nutrafol, are both around for some time, and both have accumulated hundreds of reviews from real users. Because customer reviews are a crucial aspect of any purchase, we decided to know what actual users have to say about the efficacy (or absence) of the two supplements.

Which supplement actually stimulates the growth of hair? Which one has the most obvious tangible effects? Which of them stops thinning or hair loss completely? Are both products equally effective? Let’s have a look.

Folifort Reviews

Folifort has a 4.45 stars rating when you add in reviews on the Folifort website (4.8 stars on standard) as well as Amazon reviews (4.1 rating average). This is a fantastic rate average for any product, but it’s especially impressive for a supplement to grow hair.

The high rating that users have given Folifort is due to the results that Folifort users see. Most reviewers reported that Folifort increased the amount of hair on their scalp and began filling in the small or bald spots and increased the number of baby hairs, and improved the health, overall appearance, and quality of the hair’s growth.

Folifort users have noted that the effects aren’t immediate. Most saw the greatest results after two months or two bottles of the supplement. A majority of the negative Folifort reviews were written by users who had taken this supplement less than a month and then stopped taking it before they saw the results they expected.

All in all, Folifort reviews are incredibly positive and top-quality all over all levels. Numerous similar supplements for hair growth are not as well-rated on Amazon, which indicates that users are getting better results from Folifort over similar supplements.

If you’re looking to read real user reviews of Folifort, visit Folifort Reviews.

Nutrafol Reviews

Nutrafol can be a bit more difficult to assess by analyzing reviews by users for the following reasons.

  1. They provide a variety of supplements to different groups (men as well as women as well as postmenopausal women). We collected review data for the 3 Nutrafol supplements in order to compare them to Folifort reviews.
  2. They don’t permit direct reviews by users on their websites. They serve as a gatekeeper, only publishing testimonials without users uploading or adding reviews.

In this light, We went to Amazon to search for authentic Nutrafol reviews. We’ve compiled a list of what we found.

  • Nutrafol Women boasts a 4.3 Average star score based on over 6,300 reviews.
  • The Nutrafol Women’s Balancing comes with a 4.4 score on average, based on more than 2,700 reviews.
  • Nutrafol Men has a 4.2-star rating on average, with more than 1,600 reviews.

Overall the Nutrafol reviews are 4.3 stars on average. Although the women’s balance formula has the highest score (4.4 stars) but it has fewer reviews from users than Nutrafol Women. Nutrafol Men is the least rated as well as the number of reviews, which suggests that it’s less well-known than their female supplements and could be less efficient.

Which Supplement Has the Best Reviews Overall?

Folifort is the most popular overall rating for reviews, earning 4.4 stars on Amazon as well as on the Folifort website. On the Folifort website, customers rate the product 4.8 stars on average. Amazon customers get a 4.1 rating on average. This is the top best-rated product in the review when compared to Nutrafol.

Nutrafol has similarly positive reviews on Amazon and has earned 4.3 stars per review when you add reviews on Nutrafol Women as well as Women’s Balance for Men.

Yet, Nutrafol has no ratings on its website. This is an alarm for smart customers. What is the reason Nutrafol requires a gatekeeper to protect reviews and testimonials on its site and only publish those that portray Nutrafol positively? If honest practices and transparent reviews are essential to your decision-making process, it is something you should think about.

So, Which Is the Winner – Folifort or Nutrafol?

Let’s look back at the categories in which we compared Folifort and Nutrafol in order to find out who the winner is overall.

Most Effective Ingredients: Folifort

For the ingredients, Folifort is the top hair growth supplement since it has a mix of ingredients that fight the loss of hair due to nutritional deficiencies in essential minerals and vitamins, as well as botanical ingredients to treat hair loss caused by hormonal imbalances.

The key ingredients of Folifort are supported by studies conducted in the scientific field and clinical studies. (However, Folifort has not been evaluated in a clinical trial). Folifort’s dose Folifort is 2 capsules per day due to the number of ingredients being higher.

Nutrafol supplements contain important minerals and vitamins. However, their formulations are based on the use of botanicals (like the horsetail and saw palmetto extracts), which aim to regulate hormonal imbalances.

Because hormone-regulating ingredients have been proven to work better in male pattern hair loss rather than diffuse hair loss across the entire head, the efficacy of Nutrafol’s ingredients is restricted for females. The recommended dose of Nutrafol supplements is four capsules daily due to the smaller quantities of active ingredients contained inside each of the capsules.

Most Affordable Pricing: Folifort

Folifort’s price is significantly lower than Nutrafol, up to 316 percent less when you purchase Folifort in the Buy 4, Get 1 Free bundle. Folifort’s base price for a container of Folifort is $69.00. The most affordable cost per bottle will be $49 when you buy the bundle.

Each bottle has 60 capsules, sufficient for 30 days of supply. With 2 capsules per day, you’ll cost around $0.41 for every capsule of Folifort. Nutrafol’s pricing is higher than Folifort, with a price of $88 per bottle for a month’s supply. The bottle size of Nutrafol is larger and contains more than 60 capsules.

The recommended dosage is 4 capsules a day. This means that even though you’ll find more capsules per bottle, it’s only 30 days of supply. Since each bottle is packed with 120 capsules, you’ll be paying about $0.73 per Nutrafol capsule.

This means that Folifort is the clear winner in the category of affordability.

Best User Reviews: Folifort

User reviews are among the most crucial ways to assess the product in a way that you are an informed buyer. Folifort reviews can be up to 4.8 percent on their average (on their site) and average an overall review rating that is 4.4 across all Folifort reviews on the internet.

Nutrafol reviews are more difficult to evaluate because they sell various products and do not allow authentic customer reviews on their website. Through Amazon user reviews, Nutrafol comes out with a 4.3-star rating, which is just a little lower than Folifort.

The absence of user-generated reviews on the site could be an indicator to look for when you’re looking for genuine, authentic user reviews. This is why we’re declaring Folifort as the winner in the category of reviews.

Overall Winner: Folifort

Exclusive Discount Folifort | Natural Hair Growth Support Formula The lowest price for Folifort. Period.

  • Pros: Impressive 4.45-star average rating.
  • More affordable than the competition.
  • An impressive mix of natural ingredients.
  • The unique combination is made up of Biotin with Fo-Ti.
  • The brand is well-known and well-established.
  • Cons: Changes in diet can lead to temporary constipation.

Get the Lowest Price Possible We may receive a small commission if you click on this link. It’s at no additional expense to you. Second Reminder: Always consult with your doctor prior to beginning any new supplement. We’ve done our homework and tried to provide the most current and accurate information we can, but our information does not substitute for a doctor’s guidance!

With the most reliable and effective ingredient, the most affordable cost, and the highest reviews from users, Folifort emerges as the most definite winner in the Nutrafol vs Folifort comparison.

If you’re looking for an ingredient for hair growth that will slow or stop the loss of hair and breakage to promote healthier growth, boost growth in thin or naked areas of the scalp as well as increase the overall volume and thickness of your hair, Folifort is a great option.

If you’re not sure about positive reviews from users and the efficiency, the price of Folifort is the reason why it’s the one supplement that people would like to test.

Who wants to pay $88 for the product they’re certain of its ability to revive hair, thicken it or stop the loss of hair? It’s better to pay less than $49 to test Folifort and test if you get the same results in hair growth as the thousands of online reviewers have.

Although $49 per month isn’t cheap at all, however, the stress and pain that comes with losing your hair on a regular basis can be devastating for people who suffer from the constant shed, thinning, and loss of hair.

If you are able to stop the loss of hair and boost the body’s natural growth process, you can do it with a cost-effective supplement such as Folifort at the cost of $49 per month (or lower!) could be a relatively low-cost to be paying. As always, we aim to present the most exact and reliable evidence for any product or supplement we review.

But we aren’t medical experts, and this does not substitute for medical advice from a doctor! We recommend that you speak with your physician or medical professional prior to taking every new supplement.

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