How to Use Essential Oils For Hair Growth

Essential Oils for Hair Growth | Mix These 7 Oils

How To Use Essential Oils For Hair Growth: While these 7 essential oils can be mixed and used independently, some research suggests that certain combinations are more effective than others. To start your hair growth journey, mix the following 7 essential oils (and any other essential oils you’d like) into 2 Tbs. of carrier oil such as olive oil or coconut oil, then massage the mixture into your scalp at night before bed and in the morning before washing your hair as well as when you need an extra boost of confidence throughout the day.

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Tips For Using Essential Oils for Hair

Using essential oils for hair growth is a great way to nourish and moisturize your hair without any harsh chemicals. If you choose your essential oils carefully, they can do wonders for your hair and overall health. Using essential oils safely is also important; while they are generally safe, they can cause irritation on some skin types, especially if you don’t dilute them well enough. Start by making sure you know what type of hair you have; different oils work better with different hair types. Then make sure that you’re not allergic to any of them. Finally, follow these steps below to try out these amazing natural oils for hair growth treatments.

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7 Best Essential Oils For Hair Growth

Essential oils can be used in many ways to maintain healthy hair growth and scalp. In fact, some of these essential oils are being sold commercially to help people maintain hair growth. Some essential oils are so potent that they can kill harmful bacteria that cause dandruff and prevent infections on your scalp as well. Essential oils like bergamot, lavender, rosemary and tea tree oil also promote blood circulation and nourish your hair follicles, keeping them healthy and preventing premature hair loss or greying of your hairs [7]. Here is a list of the best essential oils that you can use at home to grow your hair faster than usual or prevent hair fall or premature graying:

1. Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia) – Tea tree oil is extracted from leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia plant. It has antiseptic properties which makes it one of the most preferred essential oils for hair care. The major components present in tea tree oil include terpinen 4-ol and alpha terpineol which have strong antibacterial properties that fight against fungal infection causing dandruff, itching and inflammation on your scalp [1].

2. Lavender Oil (Lavendula Angustifolia) – Lavender oil is obtained by steam distillation from dried flowers of Lavendula angustifolia plant. This aromatic essential oil contains monoterpenes such as linalool and terpineol along with sesquiterpenes such as caryophyllene oxide. Lavender oil helps strengthen hair roots, prevents dryness and improves overall scalp health making it great for those looking forward to longer stronger hairs [2].

3. Bergamot Oil (Citrus Aurantium Bergamia) – Bergamot orange belongs to Citrus family with Citrus aurantium being its scientific name. Bergamot essential oil is extracted from green colored berries of bergamot fruit using cold press technique. Major chemical compounds present in bergamot essential oil are D-borneol, geraniol and citronellal. It has a sweet aroma similar to lemon but milder; therefore perfect for sensitive skin types too.

4. Rosemary Oil (Rosmarinus Officinalis) – Rosemary oil comes from herb known as Rosmarinus officinalis which falls under Lamiaceae family of plants.This essential oil possesses both astringent and antioxidant properties hence beneficial for healthy hair growth and prevention of premature greying. Its high content of phenols and monoterpene alcohols make it an ideal ingredient for treating dryness in your hair as well as eczema on your scalp [4].

5. Chamomile Oil (Anthemis Nobilis) – Chamomile essential oil is derived from a herbaceous perennial plant belonging to Asteraceae family of herbs commonly called ‘Chamomile’ or ‘Matricaria chamomilla’. It is cultivated widely across Europe, North America and Asia with France being its largest producer accounting for about 60% of total production worldwide.

6. Bergamot oil (Citrus Aurantium Bergamia) – Bergamot essential oil is extracted from green colored berries of bergamot fruit using cold press technique. Major chemical compounds present in bergamot essential oil are D-borneol, geraniol and citronellal. It has a sweet aroma similar to lemon but milder; therefore perfect for sensitive skin types too.

7. Frankincense Oil (Boswellia Serrata) – Boswellia serrata is an evergreen tree native to Somalia, Ethiopia and Oman while frankincense refers to oleo gum resin obtained from trunk of said tree. It is considered as a precious commodity in Arabian Peninsula dating back to ancient civilizations. Main compounds present in frankincense oil are alpha pinene, beta pinene, delta-3-carene and limonene. It has anti-inflammatory properties which ensure faster healing of your scalp from damages caused due to excess hairstyling, stress or chemical treatments for hair.

When searching for essential oils for hair growth and your regimen, opt for organic variants as synthetic ones can harm your hair and scalp due to their toxic nature. Also pay attention to safety of individual oils on your scalp and make sure that no reaction takes place before applying these oils on your hair strands.

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How to mix essential oils for hair growth

Mixing a blend of essential oils can deliver substantial benefits for hair growth. Essential oils are known to stimulate cellular regeneration, strengthen roots, and promote hair growth from within. The key is to find a recipe that works best for you (and your scalp). The following essential oil recipes have been found effective in hair growth. Just mix each one with one tablespoon of carrier oil (olive, coconut or jojoba) and apply directly to your scalp. Do not rinse off after application, but cover your head with a warm towel instead and let it sit overnight on your head. When morning comes around just wash off!

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