Enrique Iglesias bald

Enrique Iglesias Bald | Head Without Is Wig

Question have been asking lately about Enrique Iglesias bald head because he was caught on camera without wearing his wig to cover up his balding crown. 

No one expected that one of the famous singer and songwriter would be trying to hide is bald head, so it was quite a shock when the news broke out on celebrities balding.

Losing hair is a delicate subject for most men because a lot of them have been or are experiencing this issue. Those that do not face hair loss falls into one of the following categories: they are either too young to lose their hair or they have perfect genes. However, the latter situation is much rarer than one would think, as more than half of the world’s men will sooner or later lose hair.

Even though it doesn’t look like Enrique Iglesias hair transplant surgery was not yet completed, we’re going to take a look at his most recent pictures and see if we can spot any signs of hair loss or male pattern baldness that we might have missed before now.

Is Enrique Iglesias bald?

Is Enrique Iglesias Bald?

Yes, in the photo it looks like Enrique Iglesias is going bald, and maybe he’s wearing a wig! When you look closely at pictures of Enrique, you can see the maturing of hairline receding. Many people think he’s wearing a wig because it looks more voluminous than your typical comb-over. Don’t feel bad for him though, he has $225 million net worth and was just named Best Dressed Man by GQ Mexico (so his wife must love it!).

There are solutions to this issue, however, so if you notice that you are starting to lose hair, you can either undergo medical treatment or surgical treatment. There are other solutions, as well, such as hair dyes or even hairpieces, but these are usually frowned upon.

However, this does not prevent male celebrities from wearing them and there are quite a lot of examples when it comes to this issue. Be advised, though, that this is not a trend that you should actually follow. If you want an example of something that is quite peculiar when it comes to hair, take a look at Enrique Iglesias.

Who is Enrique Iglesias

Enrique José Iglesias Preysler, simply known as Enrique Iglesias, is a Spanish singer-songwriter and actor. He is known for romantic ballads and Latin pop music. His father is Spanish, and his mother is a Filipina from Baguio City in northern Luzon. The youngest of six siblings, he grew up with his four brothers and sisters in a modest apartment on Esmeraldas Street in Madrid’s Puente de Vallecas district. He enjoyed singing for his family, who eventually encouraged him to pursue a professional career in music.

It is already enough to take a look at his genetic inheritance and see that Julio Iglesias also had an issue with the loss of hair. If Enrique’s mother doesn’t have some better genes, the singer is going to have a problem. What is even worse is that he already seems to have this problem, and he tries to cover it in one way or another. If you check out photos of Enrique, you will see that in many of them he is wearing a sports cap. This is what a lot of people do in order to cover up their hair loss, and it’s a plain and simple method of not displaying the problem, but it isn’t too efficient.

Enrique Iglesias wig

Recently, while browsing YouTube, I came across a video titled Enrique Iglesias wig. The video had been viewed over 13 million times and has over 750 comments. These numbers were surprising, but even more surprising was that all of these comments are actually negative and criticizing Enrique’s decision to wear a wig. But is Enrique balding or wearing a wig? I took it upon myself to find out once and for all.

It seems that Enrique Iglesias suffers from Norwood’s 5 balding stages, and he is aware of it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t see his hairline oscillating. However, this is not a direct issue of hair loss, not at all. In fact, his altered hairline that changes its height from one appearance to the other is due to a hairpiece that he wears. He covers the front area of the head with the aid of a piece that, unfortunately, is not able to do too much justice when it comes to his condition.

When you wear a wig or a toupee, you want to be sure not just that the piece is ready to be worn today, but also that it’s placed in the proper position, otherwise people might get suspicious.

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Enrique Iglesias Hair Transplant

He did not have a hair transplant, and it is unlikely that one would help him too much. He isn’t yet in his forties, and he has already experienced significant hair loss, so Enrique Iglesias’s hair is not a good donor. Furthermore, he will have to redo his transplant once every few years and in the end, he might end up looking worse than expected. For the moment, he seems to deal with the problem fairly well, but there is room for improvement.

But Enrique Iglesias did reportedly he got a hair transplant sometime in 2011. However, he recently posted a picture of himself with his signature flowing locks and seemingly no signs of hair loss.

So is Enrique Iglesias bald or did he get a $10,000+ hair transplant? Well only an expert will tell you that it’s very hard to tell whether someone has had a hair transplant unless they were part of his team. It all comes down to what kind of doctor you go to for your procedure and how skilled he/she is at disguising them as natural hairs.

Other celebrities who wear wigs

Celebrities who use wigs are nothing new. In fact, they’ve been doing it for decades, but we just don’t know about it until they slip up, and we see them at an event with full-on hair. Of course, some celebrities don’t even realize that their mane is fake and think that it’s actually their own hair.

 Kevin Spacey 

– Kevin Spacey is wearing a wig that makes him look bald to play Richard Nixon in his upcoming movie, Frost/Nixon.

Norman Reedus 

– Is Norman Reedus wearing a wig? Of course, he is! He’s not going bald anytime soon. So why does it matter whether he wears a wig or not? It doesn’t matter at all, but here are some photos of his fake hair if you want to see it comment below.

Mark Harmon 

– Mark Harmon wore a wig while playing Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs on NCIS.


– Fouseytube recently appeared on YouTube Live with a hairpiece in tow.

Conclusions to Enrique Iglesias bald

Even if Enrique is going bald, it’s still not a reason to quit making awesome music and videos. His hair loss doesn’t make him any less cool. In fact, his baldness gives him more street credit in my book (in a strange way). And it will probably help with his singing voice. I have to admit that now that I think about it, Enrique has always had an awesome head of hair. So why do all these rumours keep popping up that he’s losing his hair?

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