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Cowlick or Balding | Explaining The Major Differences

So you’ve seen a bald spot and aren’t sure if it’s a cowlick or balding?
We’re here at Stages of balding to assist you to distinguish between cowlick or bald spot and explain the critical differences.

What is difference between cowlicks or balding patches?

You could learn about whether you’re becoming bald in a number of different ways, especially early signs of balding at 20.
Bald patches are the most visible signs, but cowlicks are sometimes mistaken for balding spots.

The simplest approach to explain the differences is to say that cowlicks are connected with hair growth patterns, whereas balding is the loss of hair in that region.

Cowlick on Hairline

A cowlick, for example, is a patch of hair that falls in a different way from the hair surrounding it.
Because of the effect of the texture in hair pattern, the skin (or scalp) beneath it is partially exposed.

The hair can get a bit mistaken about which direction it should fall, and it can’t be solved.
Before we were even born, our hair follicles are fixed in place.

This same pattern that appears on a young calves fur after a cow mother has licked their newborn clean is known as ‘cowlick.’

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The thicker and longer an individual hair is, the more difficult it is to notice a cowlick since there is more hair to cover it which is impacted by the root.
Cowlicks are prevalent in both men and women, although women’s hair is usually longer to hide them.

Cowlicks can develop on the back, hairlines, or at the front of your head.
They are most often found at the crown of the head, which is also where many bald spots appear.

cowlick or balding the difference between

What is Bald spots?

The difference in balding is that there would be fewer or no evidence of hair follicles in the exposed skin area.
It’s most likely merely a cowlick if the exposed skin area is small and just in the “center” of the directed hair pattern.

Male pattern baldness is a condition in which there is a wide area of obviously thinner hair.
This happens when your hair follicles begin to shrink, resulting in thinner and thinner hair until everything finally stops growing.

Although there is no cure, there are various treatments available.
Be wary of frauds or “wonder cures,” and do your homework before beginning any therapies.
If you do decide to go that way, start as soon as you see the first signs of balding, as hair follicles can’t be replaced after they’ve been removed.

cowlick vs bald spot

How to See The Difference?

Check the whole of your hair. If you observe thinning in other areas of your hair or a receding hairline, it’s a strong indicator that you’re balding.

If your hair is losing more than normal, that’s another sign to keeping an eye on. We lose approximately 50-100 strands each day naturally but losing moreover that might indicate baldness. Check your pillow in the morning or see how much falls out in the shower and keep track of this.

DHT sensitivity (the hormone that causes hair loss) can also cause redness and itching in places where there is a lot of hair loss.

cowlick vs balding

Even though that your hair follicles are aggressively directed away from the area, if it’s call a cowlick, and you will still keep your hair follicles at the root. It’s most likely just a normal cowlick if there’s no thinning in other regions of your head.

Another thing you guys to consider is how long your hair patch has been like this. If it’s should be on the back of your head, is it possible that it’s always been like for some time and you’ve never noticed it. Check with close relatives and friends to see if they recognize it, or go through old pictures. If it’s always been there,

it’s probably not a balding problem.

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Cowlick or Bald Spot?

Whatever the case may be, we hope we were able to clarify things out for you, and congratulations if it’s only a cowlick and not balding!

We wish you luck on your perilous journey through life. We have lots of information to help you get started on your balding journey if you would like to see more blog posts about what causes balding.

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