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Brendan Fraser Hair

Brendan Fraser Hair | And His Battle With Balding

Brendan Fraser hair has been his signature look since the beginning of his career in Hollywood, but recently he’s been battling balding. Hair loss has the potential of becoming a devastating issue for many men worldwide, and it can affect each and other individuals differently.

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Balding is a real issue for many men and celebrities who reach their late 30s and 40s, but there are quite a lot of cases in which balding young celebrities who aren’t even out of their 20s start to face the issue of male pattern baldness. It can become quite depressing and this is why the hair improvement industry flourishes because it can offer solutions for those that are not yet ready to accept the naked truth.

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How Brendan Fraser’s hair is keeping him from going bald

You probably know about various products that can help out with growing hair or masking baldness, but not all of them are effective. There are many people who try them all, but the best solution is how do celebrities reverse balding seems to be surgical hair transplants.

Not many can afford Brendan Fraser’s hairstyle, but there is sure one category of bald people who has the money for this: male and female who are celebrities. When the spotlight is directed towards you, it is pretty obvious that you need to look good, but is hair everything? People like Vin Diesel and Bruce Willis balding might say no, but there are others who contradict them.

Who is Brendan Fraser?

Brendan Fraser is one of the people who disagree with the aforementioned celebrities, and if we were to take a look at his hair over time, we would understand why. You surely remember Brendan Fraser mummy haircut the man from the Mummy series, starting with the 1999 blockbuster that was quite a hit.

That handsome actor who fancied a head full of hair didn’t look that better all the time. It seems that now things have improved and taking into account Brendan Fraser hair plugs during the last 10 years, things look great.

Brendan Fraser hair

Brendan Fraser’s hair started to let go of his head some time ago and despite taking care of it, he still hasn’t come out of this closet full of male celebrities who did hair transplant jobs to themselves: Gordon Ramsay, Wayne Rooney, and more.

Maybe they still view it as a stigma, but for us, it’s a rather normal thing that people who really love their hair will do for it. There are people who say that his thinning hair is a result of the fact that he didn’t start a Propecia treatment when it should have been started in the early stages of balding, or that he didn’t do it at all.

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Brendan Fraser bald

Throughout his movies, Fraser definitely wore a hairpiece, and the most obvious way to see this is by taking a look at some of the pictures that surfaced of Brendan Fraser bald, taken in between shoots of one of his movies. When you see him off-scene, you will notice that a lot of his upper head has lost his hair, while minutes later, on-scene, he looks great with a head full of hair.

Recently, it seems that he underwent surgery in order to have some hair transplanted, but he isn’t quite there yet. Whoever did the job didn’t do a perfect one and there is still room for improvement, although there is a beginning for everything.

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