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Bradley Cooper Hair

Bradley Cooper Hair | Products Secrets for Balding

Bradley Cooper hair is the envy of millions of balding celebrities, Actors, men, and women across the world. Even bald people want their hair to look like Bradley Cooper long hair because it’s clear he does take care of his hair.

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Maybe Bradley Cooper’s secret isn’t that he has fancy hair transplant plugs in his head or spends hours every day on his hairstyle and hair cut, whatever the case, what his fans want to know is how to get Bradley Cooper hair to look so good, thicken, and which products he used to treat is hair loss.

So continue reading we will reveal is secrets!

What hair product does Bradley Cooper use?

Hollywood’s A-Star Bradley Cooper is supposedly taking the hair loss prevention drug Finasteride, according to the popular US Website Radar.

The star of numerous blockbusters such as The Hangover and American Hustle is determined to keep his signature locks, which undoubtedly play a key part in his status as an A-grade star actor in the film industry. Nowadays, he is on a mission to save his hair from falling to retain his charming personality.

Bradley Cooper hair products

Apparently, Cooper had a family history of Male Pattern Baldness which made the 39-year-old actor apprehensive, and was forced to act pre-emptively. Cooper has allegedly been using Propecia (a brand of Finasteride) for a couple of years to great success. He was very happy with the results of the medication.

Propecia prevents hair loss by blocking the damaging effects’ testosterone has on hair follicles. Like many other hair loss prevention products (minoxidil for instance was originally intended to prevent low blood pressure), this wasn’t its original purpose. It was originally prescribed to people suffering from enlarged prostates, but was later repurposed after its side effects were discovered to encourage hair growth.

Bradley Cooper Hair | Products

Celebrities on finasteride

There are a few celebrities who take finasteride, Ashton Kutcher, Justin Timberlake, and David Beckham have admitted using Finasteride to prevented balding, probably because its subtlety helps avoid unnecessary press attention. The Bald Truth Radio Show holds frequent discussions about the perks of Finasteride and the benefits of the medication experienced by both celebrities and common people alike.

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The drug has virtually no side effects and can be very beneficial for people who plan on having a hair transplant. If taken 8-12 months before the procedure, it can prevent hair loss and strengthen existing hair follicles. Some ways down the road it may help reduce the number of hair transplant procedures that need to be taken.

Finasteride dosage for hair loss

Probably the most financially viable way to use Finasteride is to purchase the brand Proscar, which comes in 5 mg tablets instead of the 1 mg Propecia tablets. To prevent overdosing on the product, it needs to be cut into smaller pieces, but that is a minor inconvenience once we consider its significantly lower price. Proscar can only be purchased with a private prescription.

Male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness is a very common occurrence, with some estimates claiming that up to 50% of the male population will suffer from MPB by the age of fifty. The average onset of the condition is at the age of thirty, but it can happen as early as the late teens for some.

The condition is predominantly based on genetics, with outside factors playing a negligent role in the process. MPB can manifest itself by a steadily receding hairline, as a thinning of the hair on the top of the head, or in several other less common patterns.

There is a certain air of taboo surrounding the topic, and talking openly about hair loss is a rarity even among common people, let alone celebrities whose very bread and butter depend on maintaining their good looks. Society dictates a full head of hair as an ideal of beauty for both men and women, so public apprehensiveness on the topic of tackling hair loss is absolutely absurd.

Conclusion — Bradley Cooper hair products use

This widespread complacency regarding hair loss is even harder to understand if we consider the emergence of a variety of cheap methods to combat the condition. These new means to fight Male Pattern Baldness make it easier than ever to effectively stop or even reverse balding. Acting sooner than later, like in the case with Bradley Cooper hair products, is the best solution since any treatment begun in the early stages of hair loss is far more efficient.

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