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Best Red Light Therapy For Hair Loss

3 Best Red Light Therapy For Hair Loss | (Reviews 2023)

If you’ve been down an Instagram beauty trend recently, you’ve seen the influencer wearing a striking bright red-color red light mask. Most often, they’re white with a flashing red shadow Masks are utilized to ease irritation and redness, among other things. Did you not learn that red light therapy encourages hair growth and increases its density?

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If you’re suffering from male pattern hair loss or thin hair due to stress, you might be intrigued by this latest technology and whether it’s actually effective. Keep reading for all the information. You should be aware of red light therapy treatments to treat hair loss. Additionally, discover the top hair regrowth devices to stop hair loss immediately.

What Is The Best Red Light Therapy For Hair Loss?

Treatment with red light therapy, also known as low-level therapy, is receiving recognition as a safe, efficient and safe method to encourage hair growth. It works this way When the visible red beam is applied to the hair (at the right length, intensity, and duration), it allows the body to absorb the light and convert it into energy for the cells. This boosts our body’s healing mechanism and may even promote hair growth.

“Two separate studies have proven that laser therapy using red light is effective to treat male pattern hair loss in addition to women’s pattern of baldness.” claimed cosmetologist and hair expert Ganima Abdullah.

In the initial study, participants received treatments every day for 4 months and received 60 treatments overall. The study showed an increase of 35% in hair growth in the group. The second study ran for 14 weeks. 

The therapy was performed daily. It showed a noticeable boost in hair regrowth density.

The 3 best red light therapy for hair loss are:

1. Kiierr272premier laser hair cap

If you’re looking for a high-quality laser red light therapy helmet comparable to clinical treatment for your baldness at the crown, then the MD Model is well worth giving a shot. It has a 93% success in clinical trials and is used at hair clinics.

Kiierr Laser Cap

laser hair therapy device
No matter how much hair is gone — it CAN come back.

Stimulate growth safely and comfortably with FDA-PROVEN (LLLT) LASER THERAPY CAP. Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Vikram Jayaprakash and Dermatologist, Dr. Russell Knudsen speak about how hair loss happens and why a laser cap is their preferred laser hair therapy device to help restore hair growth.


The Kiierr 272 Premier MD has a battery upgrade that can last three sessions and has more excellent scalp coverage (24″). The enhanced laser panel comes with diodes in each that improve the longevity of the device. It also has robust sensor support to ensure safety if the cap falls off your head in a mishap.
The package comes with hair growth supplements and is priced at $1,445. If the price is involved, it’s cheaper than (compared) Hairmax regrow MD laser cap 272 and Irestore Professional. This makes it an absolute winner.

2. Irestore Professional 

Irestore Professional

REGROW FULLER, DENSER HAIR with Irestore Professional, it applies scientifically proven laser light for therapeutic purposes to the scalp and has a total power capacity of 1360mW. Lasers red light therapy from Irestore Professional stimulate hair follicles and reverse thin hair, promoting hair growth, increased the density of more healthy and fuller hair that looks great for both women and men.

3. Hairmax regrow MD lasercap 272

The 3rd best laser for hair growth is Hairmax regrow MD laser cap 272, a revolutionary hair growth technology using red laser light for hair loss. The HairMax Power Flex Laser Cap 272 provides scientifically tested laser light treatments accessible at home or while on the move.

Hairmax Regrow Md Laser Cap 272

The regrow md laser 272 is validated by clinical trials and the technology has been validated through seven clinical trials and 14 medical device licenses worldwide, as well as 6 articles published in the medical journal. HairMax laser devices have been shown to regenerate hair loss and have an average increase in the number of strands of 129 hairs per square. Inch. After six months of clinical research.

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What are the causes of bald spots on the crown?

Hair loss can seriously undermine confidence, whether you suffer from female-pattern baldness or notice more hair strands that aren’t normally blocking the drain of your shower. If you’re experiencing a difficult time with your hair loss and need to find the right solution that works is crucial.

Hair loss can occur to anyone at any time due to various reasons. The most common reasons for hair loss are:

  • Stress: High-stress levels affect the body and mind, and hairline. The loss of hair is only temporary as you ease tension. Your hair usually is restored to its normal length and thickness.
  • Changes in hormone levels: It doesn’t matter if it’s because of menopause or pregnancy; hormonal changes within the body can cause changes in the density and volume of hair.
  • Medical ailments: Autoimmune diseases such as thyroid issues can affect the immune system, causing hair loss in patches. Fungal and scalp infections can also cause hair loss problems.
  • Family background: Androgenetic alopecia is a genetic form of hair loss passed through the family. It typically affects more males than females. However, women, too, can be affected. The most common signs of androgenic alopecia include receding hairline and hair loss in males.
  • Tight hairstyles: Tugging at your delicate hair strands to make braids or ponytails that are slick can put pressure on your scalp, causing hair loss due to traction. Though it typically goes away after you have stopped wearing the style, hair loss could persist if your scalp has been injured enough that the scalp is scarred.

What Does Red Light Therapy for Hair Loss Look Like?

For light therapy to be efficient, therapeutic wavelengths must be via LED sources that can deliver the maximum power. While you can buy red light Therapy cap for treating hair loss at home, you’ll get the most benefit by reading Low-level laser light therapy for hair loss treatment.

Treatment LLLT laser caps are said to promote hair growth by delivering the wavelengths of light that stimulate mitochondria (the energy centre in all cells) and increase blood circulation across the scalp. Furthermore, red light therapy may affect the formation of new capillaries and bring vital nutrients and oxygen to cells.

In the same way, as natural sunlight can help plants to thrive, the red wavelengths may reduce the body’s oxidative stress and help the body grow hair. Furthermore, red light therapy can effectively and efficiently move energy throughout the body, helping speed healing.

A professional may develop an appropriate treatment plan depending on your hair loss stage and goals. They’ll be able to determine the treatments’ precise wavelength, length, and frequency.

Does Red Light Therapy For Hair Loss Actually Work?

A study conducted in 2017 examined the effectiveness of low-level laser therapy could be for women suffering from hair loss. Researchers found that women who received red light therapy with 650mn saw an increase of 51% in the amount of hair they had.

Studies indicate that red light therapy could positively affect hair follicles, but the results aren’t consistent. Red light therapy can be beneficial for some individuals but not for others. At present, it’s not clear why this disparity is present, and further research is required to determine which individuals are suitable for the treatment using red light.


Pros and Cons of Red Light Therapy

“Outside the clinical research, it is quite expensive for professional treatment and ranges from $4000-$20,000 depending on the duration of treatment,” said Abdullah. At-home handheld devices are readily available; however, the results may differ. Here are the main benefits and cons of red light therapy:


  • It’s a non-invasive treatment
  • It could reduce inflammation in the scalp
  • It could boost the production of collagen.
  • It might help improve circulation.


  • Duration: It could take several hours per week for many months before results begin to be visible.
  • Pricey: Professional treatment can cost thousands of dollars.
  • Infrequently efficient: Your results may vary.
  • Could not be safe: Laser devices don’t undergo the same scrutiny and tests as medicines do, which leaves the long-term safety of this treatment to be questioned.

Tried-And-True Tips for Addressing Thinning Hair

Red light therapy to stimulate hair growth is a new fashion that positively affects hair and the body. However, it’s costly, and results can be uncertain. Here are some other methods to stimulate hair growth:

  • Reduce stress. Bouncing back from stressful circumstances can allow the body to relax and let the hair cycle flow as normal. You can regulate your body through mindfulness techniques or make a dramatic lifestyle change to lower stress levels and improve your hair’s condition; you will be thankful for it.
  • Use a hair treatment. For an easy supplement to your routine, apply a small amount of Hair Regrowth Serum all over your scalp every day. After 4 months, customers noticed an increase in hair growth. Of as much as 52% and diminished signs of shedding up to 76%.
  • Maintain a healthy diet. The overall health of your hair reflects your general way of life. A healthy diet rich in minerals and vitamins will ensure that your body is functioning optimally and hair growth is not any complications.

red light therapy for hair loss before and after

  • Visit a dermatologist. If hair loss causes you to feel incredibly upset and anxious, consult an expert for solid advice. They’ll help you understand your symptoms and suggest the best treatment options if required.
  • Massage your scalp. Maintaining good scalar circulation can help keep hair follicles in good shape. It doesn’t matter if you massage the scalp using your fingers or use an intelligently created hair masseur; all hair types can benefit from this treatment.

The Takeaway

The red light treatment is one of the rage treatments that has been said to help combat the painful symptoms of hair loss. As with any procedure, it has pros and disadvantages, but should you be willing to put in an amount of money and then wait for the results, it could offer the chance to help with hair loss.

Plenty of inexpensive options will keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. Maintaining a healthy diet and changing to natural products for hair loss that do not compromise the hair’s integrity will help fight thinning hair. Also, make sure to speak with an expert when you’re suffering from significant hair loss in a short amount of time.

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