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Best Ayurveda Book

4 Best Ayurveda Book | On Ayurveda Hair Loss And Healthy Lifestyle

The best Ayurveda book are related books on Ayurveda to understand holistic ayurvedic medicine for hair growth, holistic health, and holistic medicine-related issues in this ancient system of medicine. Indian ayurvedic medicine has the potential to be the emerging platform for the holistic approach in medicine whether it is about some particular stream of alternative medicine or the principles. Gradually as the understanding of ayurvedic treatment for hair loss and regrowth principles will grow all over the world, people will see its use and benefit in their day-to-day living for healthy lifestyle.

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Best Ayurveda book for beginners

Ayurveda is India’s ancient system of holistic living. The best Ayurveda book is a beginner’s guide to books on Ayurveda which are:

1. The Ayurveda Hair Loss Cure

Author: Lila Kunda

best book on Ayurveda hair loss treatment

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Out of many books on Ayurveda hair loss treatment on the internet the only book that proves to work on regrowth of healthy, thick hair and reversed hair Loss with proven Ayurvedic home remedies natural treatment. Everyone desires thick, lustrous, healthy hair. With several chemical hair loss solutions on the market that promise to cure hair loss but frequently produce the opposite effect, an increasing number of individuals are turning to Ayurvedic medicines, which help stop hair loss and promote new hair growth. The best book on Ayurveda of all, these remarkable cures are completely natural, non-invasive, and easy to use. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian healing technique. Ayurveda is still the major healthcare option in India. 

2. The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies

 Author: Vasant Lad

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With the dawning of the internet, encyclopedias have been eclipsed. Information is widely available at our fingertips at any time. I am still a lover of books and I find it useful to have reference books around, even though I more often than not do my research on the internet.

This complete book on Ayurveda home remedies by Vasant Lad is one useful gem. I most enjoy referencing the “Encyclopedia” of Illnesses and Remedies,” which spans more than one hundred pages of this volume but is really only the third part of the book. Part One of the edition espouses the philosophical basis of Ayurveda and how it is applied to the individual’s health. Part Two explores Ayurveda’s methods and application. It’s always best to consult an expert before commencing any type of treatment, but the principles of Ayurveda, which are about finding balance and good health in one’s life, can improve our day-to-day lives.

3. Prakriti: Your Ayurvedic Constitution

Title: Prakriti: Your Ayurvedic Constitution

Author: Robert Svoboda

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Robert Svoboda’s Prakriti: Your Ayurvedic Constitution is not only an excellent resource, but it’s also a great read! Lovers of language and lovers of Ayurveda alike will enjoy this work. The Prakriti evaluation (analysis of ayurvedic constitutional type) is thorough, intelligent, and fun. I prefer it to any others I have found to date. As the only Westerner to have completed Ayurvedic medical training in India, his comprehension of the Ayurveda is deep. Better yet, Svoboda is a wonderful author and teacher, able to express his knowledge with sparkling energy and clarity. What Joy!

4. Principles of Ayurveda

Title: Principles of Ayurveda

 Author: Anne Green

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The first book I ever read on Ayurveda was Anne Green’s Principles of Ayurveda. It was a lucky thing I happened to pick it up because, to a Western reader, Ayurveda can be confusing and overwhelming. Anne Green very clearly and systematically introduces Ayurveda, India’s ancient healing system and sister science of yoga and tantra, in a western voice. I recommend this book to anyone curious about Ayurveda, particularly anyone who is new to its concepts.

About book on Ayurveda:

  1. Natural Ayurveda And Naturopathy: Natural Ayurveda and Naturopathy are analyzed based on the holistic approach of the two systems of holistic and integrated medicine. Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapy of Natural Ayurveda is concluded by incorporating the principles of Advanced Induced or Facilitated Naturopathy. 
  2. What topics are covered in Ayurveda books? Feel the vastness and life-like expanse of ayurvedic medicine. See the depth of its principles and the transcendence of medicine.
  3. Ayurveda Four Aims Of Life – Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha are the four human aspirations or pursuits that are related to human life and its various dimensions physical and monetary, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Know about Ayurveda’s way to balance four aims of life and motivate yourself with integrity>>>

Ayurveda Articles – Ayurveda And Other Holistic And Natural Therapies:

Ayurveda And Reiki Healing Energy:

  1. Ayurveda And Reiki: Ayurveda and Reiki are two natural healing systems. Even though Ayurveda utilizes herbal remedies, diet, and lifestyle as remedial measures, there is a common foundation in approach and principles in ayurvedic medicine and energy healing based on the science of Yoga. 
  2. Ayurveda and Reiki are two great methods of natural healing and they both share a common foundation as far as the basic approach is concerned. Ayurvedic medicine can be given along with healing sessions by universal life energy. Together, Ayurveda and Reiki prove to be synergistic and provide faster relief. 

Ayurveda Articles – Ayurveda And Yoga:

  1.  Basic Elements Of Ayurvedic Medicine And Yogic Therapy: These two natural systems of holistic wellness are based on ancient Vedic philosophy and principles. Ayurvedic medicine and various forms of yogic practice like Hatha, ashtanga yoga, and others are discussed for their basic elements. Find more info about the building blocks of Ayurveda and yoga here>>>
  2.  Underlying Principles Of Ayurvedic Medicine And Yoga Therapy are founded on the same underlying principles like acceptance of holistic nature, three psychological attributes, five primary elements of nature, three bodies, 24 elements, prana or life force, the universality of approach, and individuality in practice, holistic lifestyle, balance and harmony of body, mind, and soul. Know more about Ayurveda and yoga practice and their principles>>>
  3.  Ayurveda And Yoga Therapy As Complimentary And Synergistic Tools Of Holistic Living And Wellness are integrally related to our wellness and health uniquely. Follow certain considerations for ayurvedic medicine and yogic practice such as proper time, age, the gravity of medical conditions, and application of Ayurveda body types in personalizing Ayurveda and yoga therapy.

Ayurveda And Homeopathy:

Ayurveda and Homeopathy are two streams of natural remedies that are the mainstay of alternative as well as holistic medicine. Find the basic concepts of ayurvedic medicine and homeopathic medicine, the remedies, the mechanism of action, the preparation of remedies, choice of remedies, side effects, and benefits of Ayurveda and homeopathy.

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