beard styles for bald men

5 ‘New’ Beard Styles For Bald Men 2022

The most popular beard styles for bald men in 2022 are listed below if you are determined to have the best new beard styles for the bald head when shaving. Men who love grooming and growing your full beard to fit or sport your bald head, then you are at the right place to learn everything about beard styles for bald guys and how to beard grow faster and healthier.

1. Chubby face beard style

 beard styles for bald guys

Chubby face beard styles for bald head men are perfectly suitable for round faces, medium and most of the chubby face shape guys have these types of short styles beard to give a wonderful combination with a bald head. They are different beard shapes and lengths so this is a suitable and perfect classy beard style for your good-looking round face.

2. Shave bald head

Beard Care And Maintenance

Next is the best beard styles for bald men that are trending with shave bald heads and some men find it cool to draw tattoos on the neck and so this trendy baldness hairstyle is correctly suitable for tattoo persons with a long beard. All the types of balding hairstyles can be cut within five minutes and also, and one of the good advantages for bald head men is to have a shaved haircut because it saved them time to cut their hair.

3. Oval

oval beard styles for bald men

This is the ideal shape to have the most attractive facial hair. If your cheekbones are a little wider than the jawbone, and the jawbone is rounded in shape. Then you are the luckiest one. You can go out with any, get the style that you want. As an example, small beard styles will be the perfect choice to try out.

4. Round

round beard styles for bald men

If you have a wide jawline, cheekbones, and a short chin, the rocking beard style among all the beard styles will be going with the small beard styles. You can also try any styles, which are shorter on the chin or way too long on the chin. For example, look at the Goatee’s beard style. 

4. Square 

squard beard styles for bald men

If you want to have the beard style which highlights, you need to have the square face shape. If you have a square jaw, most of the Hollywood actors match with you. In this face shape, you can go with sharp right angles, circle beard, and have long hair with beard styles as well. You can also try a beard without sideburns and a trimmed, floating mustache. 

5. Heart

heart beard styles for bald men

Prominent chins are the sign of a triangle face shape, which is best fitted for the beard stache. And heat is the opposite of the triangle, which features a larger forehead, along with the pointed chin. This time, the thick beard will be the best pick with long hair for you.

How should bald men style their beard?

Essential tools for bread styles for bald men are these commonly used and basic tools for having all the best bald beard styles on your own.

What do you need? 

How do you do it?

  • Take an electric trimmer, and use the longer guard length.
  • Start at the center of the neck and chin and move towards the ears.
  • As long as you are on the right track, choose the parameters for the cheek line.
  • When you are done, reduce the trimmer length and use the same method until you reach an adjustable point. Then finish using the beard oil.



If any of the beard styles for bald men matched your face shape, you are the luckiest one. There are so many people out there having their own facial hair. As long as you can determine the best style to represent yourself, you can go with any of the countless beard styles for bald guys.

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