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Beard Growth for Black Man

Beard Growth for Black Man | 5 Ways to Achieve Faster Beard

Black men can grow beards too! Many black men experience an irresistible desire to let their facial hair grow for a brief time at least once in their lifetime. However, they soon find that the decision to do so isn’t just about not shaving anymore. Questions arise, such as how long will my beard grow? And which beard styles suit me best? While growing a beard might seem easy from an outsider’s point of view, many other difficulties are faced when maintaining one.

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Are you a black man looking for tips on achieving thicker, faster, fuller, healthy beard growth? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll discuss the specific challenges and best practices associated with beard growth for black men. We’ll cover everything from proper grooming techniques to the best products to use in order to achieve the thick, full beard you desire. So, if you’re ready to grow a healthier, more luxurious beard, read on to learn more about the black man beard growth stages!

Black man beard growth stages

Growing a healthy beard as a black man can be challenging, and even more so if you don’t know the stages of growth to expect. With the right tips and information, however, you can achieve maximum beard growth and have the beard style of your dreams. 

Here are three tips for black man beard growth stages to help you get started: 

Stage 1# – Exfoliate your beard regularly with an exfoliating scrub

Stage 2# – Keep trimming your beard hair with sharp clippers or scissors

Stage 3# – Condition your beard with oils that contain natural vitamins and nutrients to promote healthy beard growth. 

Growing a beard may seem simple, but it’s not, says Justin Woodson, owner of Beard Lab in Chicago. Many guys think they should just let their beards grow, but actually, there is a process.

Can black guys grow beards? Yes. Absolutely

If you want to wear a full beard as a black man, the points below are important to know and apply properly.

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How to Grow beard black man – Lets get started

Tip one: is the decision to leave the beard. Do this, preferably in a period in which you do not have to look representative. A holiday is ideally suited for this.

How fast the beard grows – growing a full beard black man

In general, the beard grows just as quickly as other hairs on the human body. So take into account a growth of + – 1 centimetre per month.

Beard Growth for Black Man – When the beard growth is fully developed?

This is mainly dependent on the genes. For example, a European man will naturally have a different beard growth than a black man. In addition, the age at which beard growth fully developed is very different. For example, the beard of one man at the age of eight will be completely ‘finished’, while the other man will only have full vegetation at the age of 40. In other words, do not worry about your beard growth too early; chances are that it will get a growth spurt.

Black man beard Grooming – Which beard style suits me?

On the internet, you can find many different beards styles for black men, from the goatee to the Riker style. You can make an analysis of your face shape and choose the best fitting beard. You can ask your hairdresser. But be honest, you do not choose your beard, he chooses you. What kind of beard you take depends entirely on how the hair grows out of your head. You may want a big full beard, but with a few pieces on your cheek where nothing grows, that dream will soon be over. You may want a narrow-styled beard, but if you just have a lot of hair growth, that is not an option either. Watch how your hair grows and keep it clean. Based on the development of beard growth, you can then choose the correct style later on.

Beard Growth for Black Men

Beard Growth for Black Man – When can you start working on the beard?

A wise decision will be to wait a month or three. This is because one hair grows faster than the other, but this can then also be reversed. In the ‘beard world,’ this is generally called the ‘slow-grow’ and the ‘fast-grow’. In fact, this means that you impede growth when you decide to trim it prematurely.

Select the right hairline beard growth for black man

Every man has his own beard growth, beard growth for black man isn’t different from that at all, and that is why wearing a full beard in many cases is more than just ‘letting a beard’ stand alone. The beard should stand by your face, and this can be achieved by applying the correct hairline. Some men, but these are very few, are lucky and can just wear the beard as it naturally grows. For most of us, this is a different story.

We all have places where the hairline is higher or lower. As a result, the top edge of your beard does not form a nice, tight line. You need to apply and maintain this yourself. If you have a long face, let the line slope less from your ear to the corner of your mouth.

The moustache

It is important to pay attention to the moustache on time. To prevent the moustache from hanging in/over your mouth, it is important that it grows to the sides. You can exercise some influence on yourself by pushing the moustache several times a day with your thumb and forefinger towards the sides. You can also use beard wax to have the moustache pointed in the right direction.

Black man beard care products – Best ways to make black people hair grow

Full beard for black man is totally possible, black man beard ingrown hair isn’t something that you need to accept, you have a lot of black man beard care products or black male grooming products that will help you to get the beard that you always wanted.

Shampoo for black man

Beard hairs are indeed harder than the hair on your head and because shampoo is often also very degreased, a more caring shampoo is better.

Best beard shampoos for black men

1. Polished Gentleman beard shampoo – The best beard shampoo for black man, just look up the reviews that this great product get.

2. Live Bearded – Beard Wash – One of the best beard shampoos for black man that excite on the market – you won’t regret it at all!

3. Beard ROAR XL – Caffeine Shampoo for Stimulating Facial Hair Growth – Beard XL is known as the Best company for beard care products, and the reviews for this product are great too!

 4. Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard SHAMPOO – Another great shampoo that fits perfectly for black man, and with a special price on Amazon! Don’t miss it.

 5. Viking Revolution beard shampoo – A new product on the market that gets a lot of great reviews, I ordered to myself one and the results are really outstanding!

Beard straightener for black men

There are many beard straighteners for black man, here are the top 3 beard straighteners for black men:

1. A body Hair Straightener – great straightener to take care of your beard. Fit for both black and white men – this straightener gets the job done!

2. Andis High Heat Press Comb – This one is way more popular than the previous straightener, and except for being a great product, Amazon sends these items worldwide, so no matter where you live – you can own this straightener. 

 P.S – The price is attractive too =)

3. AmoVee Mini Flat Iron Smart Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener – This straightener will be a bit better for hair than beard – but I find this product great for long beard styles – I think that James Harden can make wonderful with this straightener =)

Beard oil for black man – what does beard oil do?

Beard oil cares for the skin under your beard and the beard itself. This makes your hair softer, your beard gets a healthy shine, and you do not suffer from irritated skin. With softer hair, you can keep your wild hair in better shape, and it all looks a lot better. This is a product that often consists largely of jojoba oil, which ensures proper care of the hair and the underlying skin. This product seems very expensive, but generally, you only use 4 to 6 drops of oil per day.

3 Best Beard oil for black guys

1. The Gentlemen’s Beard Oil and Leave-in Conditioner Softener – Fragrance Free beard oil with over 1500 fantastic reviews, you can’t go wrong with this beard oil.

2. Stellar Naturals Beard Oil and Conditioner – This beard oil is used by a lot of African Americans, and it helps a lot of them to grow a beard and facial hair.

 3. Shea Moisture Men’s Beard Conditioning Oil – Not very well-known in the beard community, but with a winner price and great reviews – this is your answer if you are looking for beard oil for black guys – totally worth it!

Beard oil for black guys

Beard balm for black man

No matter how cool your beard is, sometimes it is just not easy to handle. And that is also the charm of your beard, it must be a bit stubborn. Then beard balm is a beautiful product. It cares for your skin and hair, but also has a light “hold” with which you can shape your beard.

There are many beard balms that fit for black man… BUT, Instead of letting you choose between too many options, I will share with you the Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner, Which in my opinion (and thousands of happy people…)is the BEST beard balm on the market by far!

  Really, this beard balm just does his job.

Moustache wax for black man – black man beard no moustache and black man moustache are integral parts of each black man beard.

If you have a beard, then there is usually also a moustache. Moustache wax is to keep your mustache in check or to make it a beautiful work of art. The beauty of mustache wax is that it is also multi-functional; you can also use it to tame those really unruly hairs in your beard. This is to give the beard a certain shape, but also to be able to properly shape the mustache so that it does not hang in the mouth. 

Here are the 3 best mustache wax for black man:

  1. Fisticuffs Strong Hold Mustache Wax Gentlemen’s Blend
  2. Mustache Wax by Mountaineer Brand
  3. Badger Mustache Wax

No matter which of the 3 you are going to use, they all doing their job very well, and maybe this man will give you the motivation to take care of your mustache =)

Combing the beard for black man

After using oil, it is wise to comb the beard. This is to get the tangles out of the beard initially, but also because you can comb the beard in this way in a certain direction. This makes the beard look less ‘spiky’.

The 3 best beard combs for black man are:

1. Fine & Coarse Teeth from Striking Viking – One of the best on the market, fit for both beard and mustache – you will love this product for sure!

2. Reposal care beard comb and beard brush kit – 5 stars on Amazon with over 700 reviews, with this beard comb you can’t fail.

 3. BEARDCLASS – Beard Brush and Beard Comb – I had this beard comb for a while, and to be honest I can’t replace it – try it out yourself and enjoy the best beard comb that I ever used!

 Beard Growth for Black Man – Conclusion

The most important thing about beard growth for black man is something completely different. You can take style, keep track of what you want, if you do not wear it with pride it will not work. Be kind to your beard, and he will be kind to you. Beard On!

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