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9 Tips For Beard Care And Maintenance (2022)

To beard care and maintenance – Chances are you have started the journey to a successful beard You’ve been on the road for several weeks, see the changes that the beard growth brings, you’ve chosen a beard style that fits your face type, and you’ve already trimmed your beard once. Many men hate the growth of a beard because of irritations, dry skin, split hair, or simply an unhygienic appearance.

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 This results in an uncomfortable beard, while these things are easy to solve if you take the time and effort to apply a number of products and keep a routine. In this guide, you can read useful tips to make it easier to care for and maintain your beard.

 1. Beard care products

Because grooming/men’s underwear/personal care for men is very popular, obviously many brands play on this trend. As a result, a large assortment of beard care products. But you do not need all the products, ointments, and creams that are promoted.

2. Beard soap

Whether your goal is a long, full, or short beard, regularly washing your beard is recommended. You will notice that your hair was rather dirty and probably also become greasy. Wash your beard twice a week with natural and nourishing beard soap. Know that the hairs on your chin are different than the hairs on your head. Therefore, do not use the same shampoo for your beard that you use for your hair! Special beard shampoos have just nourishing properties and are now available for every budget.

3. Beard oil

Even though most beard shampoos are nourishing, your beard hairs will dry out after regular washing. You notice this because your hair is less greasy, which means that the shampoo has washed the natural oil out of the hair. To prevent this, use the best beard oil. Beard oil is also used to quickly get a shiny look (back). However, this is temporary because the oil is automatically absorbed by the hair again. If you want a long-lasting shine, then it is best to include a good beard conditioner in your routine or use beard oil several times a day. Beard oil is meant to feed the beard hairs and also to care for the skin under the beard. Quality beard oil makes beard hair softer, reduces itching and irritation, and stimulates healthy beard growth. For beard oil, pay attention to ingredients such as jojoba and argan oil.

 You can look out for the best beard oils for 2022

How to use beard oil

Beard oil can be used simultaneously with beard balm or on its own. Beard oil is best used on dry beard hairs after washing your beard with natural soap. To distribute the oil fairly, use a beard brush. You can use beard oil a few times a day, depending on your purpose. Beard oil you do not need to rinse out because your hair absorbs it automatically. Nowadays, you can also use beard oil as a scent. This oil gets its smell from a natural process instead of synthetically added fragrances (which in turn are worse chemicals). 

4. Beard balm and beard wax

Just like the hair on your head, your facial hair grows and falls in its natural way. This is especially noticeable during the growth of the beard and in the period of trimming your beard. Unless you go for a wild-growth look, you can use beard balm or beard wax to model your beard hairs, make them look fatter, and feed (conditioning). The nourishing properties of beard balm come from the oils and beeswax that are present in almost all beard balms. These ingredients provide a shiny beard and give a healthy look. Because beard balm and beard wax also contain shea butter, you can also use it to style your beard; the hold is minimal and will give hold for a few hours at most. As with beard oil, beard balm and beard wax with natural jojoba and argan oil are best for your skin and hair. Avoid beard balms containing petroleum. You can get skin irritations. ·

 How to use beard balm

Start with a moderate amount of beard balm and warm up in the palm of your hand. Then rub the balm out over your dry beard (use a beard brush again) and work from top to bottom. Make sure the beard balm also comes into contact with the skin, and thus not only reaches the visible hair. Use more where necessary, but make sure your beard is not too greasy. The end result is a healthy and shiny beard and skin.

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5. Beard conditioner and softener

Beard conditioner is the solution to nourish and care for damaged hair, making the hair softer. In addition, a good conditioner also ensures that your skin is less itchy and red if you use it regularly. Beard conditioner also ensures a healthy shine while it soothes the skin. When buying beard conditioner, pay attention to natural ingredients such as aloe vera and green tea extracts, and vitamin B5. ·

 The use of beard conditioner

Depending on the length of your beard, you choose to use conditioner or balm. The conditioner you usually use after washing the beard with shampoo. Some men choose to use conditioners every day so that the nutrition and shine have maximum effect.

 6. After shave

You can use aftershave after updating your neckline or shaving your cheeks. Avoid brands with a high alcohol percentage that cause a burning sensation. Also, an aftershave with a too strong smell in the case of a beard is just perfect, because the beard balm or conditioner probably already has a pleasant, masculine scent.

7. Routine for grooming the beard

If all goes well, you have made an appointment with yourself to grow a successful beard. That means that you make time in your diary to give the beard the best possible care. However, you do not have to use every possible product every day to maintain your beard.

8. Diet

A healthy and balanced diet is important for beard growth. Use: daily.·

 To clean your beard, use a natural beard shampoo.

 9. Exfoliate

As the seasons pass and the weather gets colder or warmer, you will find that your skin has trouble adjusting. This results in dryness and sometimes also ‘rose’. As part of the complete beard care, you have to occasionally exfoliate to remove dead skin flakes. This is best done by using an electric cleaning brush.

Beard care – Conclusion

The care and maintenance of your beard is a combination of high-quality products that you regularly apply in your routine. Keeping, conditioning, and combing your beard clean every day and requires character and patience. But having a solid foundation and goal, in the end, creates a radiant beard.


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