Bald Men Dating

Bald Men Dating: Is it Possible to Find Love When You are Bald?

This article can help you on your path to bald men dating success! So, It is possible to find love when you are bald.

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Do women find bald men attractive? Bald men, take heart! What if I told you that bald men could date, be loved, and find love? Well, it’s true! It can be harder to find someone who will accept you when you have a bald head, but with the right mindset, you can attract the right person into your life. The key is not to let your hair loss get in the way of finding love. 

According to research from the University of Western Australia and the University of New South Wales, many women love bald men. You might even find more single women willing to date you than if you had a full head of hair! The study found that many women prefer bald men because of their perceived as more dominant, masculine, and confident than their hairy counterparts. So if you’re looking for love, don’t give up hope! These tips on how to pick up girls when you are bald will help your dating life immensely.

Things to Consider Before You Date

Before you enter the world of bald men dating, you should consider a few things. For example, how will you feel if your boyfriend starts losing his hair? Are you prepared to deal with the fact that your boyfriend is balding? What if you meet a bald man on a dating site? These are all important questions to ask yourself before you start dating bald men.

Women prefer those with hair that is long, similar to Leonardo Dicaprio; meanwhile, hair loss is a sign of the masculinity and attractiveness of others. What’s the experience like when you are dating a bald guy with shaved head appealing to women? We’ll discover the answer to these questions in our study as well.

Why do men go bald? Balding Statistics

Let’s get some figures regarding the causes of baldness. Around 40% of men experience a noticeable hair loss by approximately 35. Most men notice signs of balding at 20s and some started losing hair as early as their 19.

Dating a bald guy

“Why am I going bald?” If this is the kind of inquiry you are asking yourself, the first thing you should be aware of is that hair loss is essentially a result of genetics. Studies have shown that one in 7 males has a higher risk of losing hair due to a genetic code in their DNA. Baldness is hereditary and, in addition, passed down from the mother’s side.

Another genetic factor is ethnicity: Statistics for baldness for each country indicate that 20.91 percent of Chinese people are bald, whereas the average percentage for baldness in Britain UK has twice that amount (about 41.23 percent).

Your skull’s shape is crucial to the male pattern of hair loss statistics by race show that the growth of bones in the adult years is what causes hair loss. Comparing skull shapes of different races, we’ve observed a significant correlation between ethnicity and loss of hair.

If you’re lucky enough not to carry a “bald gene” in your DNA, shed your hair as a result of hormonal changes, or adhere to your nutrition and remain calm as stress and poor diet are among the other causes that can cause baldness.

Are bald people attractive? Bald vs. Balding!

It’s always subjective. Let’s discover what makes baldness appealing and how we can identify the most common characteristics that bald men can share.

It’s right to say that the testosterone levels high in men’s bodies are strongly associated with the possibility of going hairless. Dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT, is present in the skin, hair follicles, hair cells, and the prostate. It is a testosterone derivative and can cause hair loss based on the hair’s sensitivity. 

When women ask, “is bald attractive” they usually respond that bald men are more powerful, demanding, masculine and robust.

A fun fact is that if you’re a sapiosexual, you’re more likely to look like hairless men!

A study conducted at the University of Saarland found that bald men are considered more intelligent and wise by women. But why do we believe that? Are they because bald men may lose their hair because of their exceptional intellectual capabilities? Or is it because bald people believe in the idea in the form of “Less is More” instead of trying to portray themselves as somebody else? In any case, being bald is indeed thought of as being more mature. That’s one reason that being un-bald can indicate women’s intelligence.

However, there’s one caveat. You must be hairless for this sexy impression to be valid because people with bald spots or hair patterns are generally viewed as less attractive and weak. To illustrate our point, we’ve found an interesting study for you to try.

A man known as Richard, who was losing his hair in his early thirties, registered two different accounts on Tinder. The account was set up by posting pictures of himself showing hair loss on the first account and those with hair transplants on the second. Results: He received twice as many likes on the bill with hair transplants. The study proved that women tend to be more interested in a person with full hair than a bald guy.

However, what about completely hairless men?

Another study was conducted by a scientist named Albert E. Mannes (by the way, he was hairless) at the University of Pennsylvania. The study collected data from 59 participants and displayed to the participants a variety of images of males. For instance, a man with full-length hair was shown in one shot in contrast. That same person was wearing no coat in the second picture. It was surprising that most participants thought that the man with hair loss was more attractive compared to the non-bald man.

Dating a bald guy, bald men in relationships!
“Would you date a bald guy?”

I recently talked to a friend about her dating life, and she mentioned no one wants to date a bald guy and that she would never date a bald guy. I was surprised by this because I have a bald boyfriend, and I think he’s one of the most attractive guys. It got me thinking, is it hard for bald men to find love, and can bald guys get girlfriends?

We’ve dug deeper and found the thoughts about women’s opinions on websites like Reddit and Quora to determine whether baldness is attractive to females, whether women are interested in dating a bald man, and find the solution to “Would you date a bald guy?”.

“I am to be in love with an man who was balding 17 years ago, and we’ve been married for the past 16 years. He’s still hairless (of obviously) and I cherish him. It’s more about him as a person of great character than it is about whether or not he was hairy or not. And I believe that’s the case for everyone. It’s self-confidence as well as the sense of humor character and the wit that will never be mine. But wait a minuteWas I not suppose to respond because I’m female is that right? sorry! !”


“It’s only a turn off when guys try stupid methods to cover up the fact they’re balding…like comb overs and wigs.”


“My wife is now 26. She is almost hairless. He started to lose his hair around 22 and then lost it quickly.

I began dating him at the time I noticed he was hairless primarily. I didn’t care. I have a vast Patrick Stewart fetish, so it was an advantage.

I’ll be honest I often look at his photos before losing his hair. I wish that he had not had to lose it. However, that’s highly uncommon. I’m sure he has looked at photos of me as I tried to be a model and wishes I looked like the one pictured above. It’s him that I admire and not his hair.”


“I believe it is based on If someone has gone bald but doesn’t get self-conscious about it or doesn’t let it affect their confidence or how they interact with others, and I’m likely not to think of it as an issue that could be a big turnoff.

There’s a guy I know as an acquaintance who began to lose his hair quite early (he’s in his 20s) and wears an oversized baseball cap to disguise it. I believe this behavior will make him look less appealing to many women, which is why it’s difficult for him to get dates.”


“Whatever that you decide to do do not perform the combing-over (which I’m sure that you are aware of). If you’re anxious about relationships, any woman who will hold the same against you isn’t the one for you. In case you’re concerned about your self-confidence, I’ve met several men who have decided of apply tattoos to their whole scalps. It’s an option I’d guess.”


“I don’t have the authority to speak for all women; however, I find hair loss (shaved; be sure to forget to leave the little stray bits there) appealing to many men. Whatever it is, when I think of the bald men that I’ve seen attractive over time, They’re all quite muscular – and being healthy bits of help.

What will make me less interested in your appearance is if you’re uneasy about your hair. Personality is an issue, but being bald isn’t.”


“31F, my boyfriend is 35M and has thin hair. I think he’s boiling, and I rarely think about his hair thinking, “Man, I wish you had more hair.” I don’t consider it to be an issue at all. My boyfriend is smart and funny, as well as super confident. I think this is what I like about him. Also, I love how his shaved and fuzzy head feels.”


“A time ago, I was asked by my spouse to write down my favorite actors that I found attractive. I’m not one to be a fan of actors frequently, which is why it was quite a challenge; however, I managed to locate around five. It turned out that they were all bald.

I believe most women aren’t bothered, but some might, and some may like it. In the end, it’s not a huge issue.”


My boyfriend is bald, though I wouldn’t claim to be attracted by receding hairlines.

But I consider him attractive due to his other physical attributes (friendly smile, a good body, fit, etc.), and I’ve come to know him as a clever, humorous, kind, and funny guy. Everyone isn’t perfect, and if the most embarrassing thing about you is that your hair is falling out, you’re likely doing well and will probably meet someone who can see it.”


“Yes, I’ve had the pleasure of dating males with hair and men without hair. I don’t have any preference whatsoever. Bald guy dating is a very subjective question and will differ between women.

My most recent encounter was with a man who had hairless. The one drawback was that they’re never ready to go, and it takes very little time to dress, so they’ll likely wait for you more frequently. That’s the only downside to me. :)”


Many men, So many minds, They claim. It seems that the same principle also applies to women! Are bald guys considered sexy? It’s all about individual preferences. As you can see, most women are comfortable with bald males.

Advantages to dating a bald man

  • Based on the above, bald guys are daring, protective, attractive, and sexy
  • It’s hardly any time for a bald man to get ready to go out only a few minutes of brushing, and he’s all set!
  • Your partner and you both can save a lot of money on hair products for your hair
  • The attractive bald guys have sparkling skulls that make women melt
  • Hair does not remain when you shower (a huge benefit)
  • Hot bald men are hot!

Advice on Bald Men in relationships

If you are blessed with a shining skull but no hair, Here are some suggestions for dating the bald guy

  • Confidence in yourself is essential! Be aware that your thoughts can be powerful, and it’s challenging to go out on a date with confidence and be rocking it when all you’ve got in your head is that you’re not looking nice without hair.
  • There are dating websites specifically designed for bald guys. One may meet a bald mate. Its existence as a dating website specifically for bald men proves many women are eager to meet bald guys. Bald Dating is the most popular dating site on this list.
  • Females love when their male counterparts are clean and smooth hair. Using an electric shaving device to get that perfect appearance while saving time is possible.
  • Consider beards if you’d like to look more appealing, brutal, and sexy. It’s sure to make many women melt with the “bald with beard” beautiful appearance.
  • Based on the shape of your skull depending on your skull shape, you can select specific accessories, such as glasses and hats for people who have bald heads.

Top five hot and sexy balding actors

They’re bald, and they’re all over the place. A few of the top beautiful men who have been bald include:

Patrick Stewart

The age at which baldness began was 19 years old; It was Patrick Stewart who had just one year to go bald completely. according to him, “it was not only inhibiting as a person, but it was hopeless if you were an actor, of course.” Self-acceptance was an important event in his professional career.

Stanley Tucci

Being called “sexy” 15.6 million times in reports, blogs, and websites, Stanley Tucci is considered one of the sexiest men with balds online. Internet.

The Rock

“I’m not bald because I lost my hair. My hair is an amalgamation of an afro and hair from the Lama’s Ball sac”, jokes Dwayne Johnson.

Telly Savalas

Then, he went bald to play Pontius Pilate. He loved the hairstyle of a shaved head so that he did not grow his hair again and remained bald for over 30 years.

Jason Statham

It’s not as if the actor has had any problems with women attracting him. What do you think?

The Final Say

The loss of hair is inevitable due to genetics in many people. Many prefer to cover it up, and others prefer to look bald and charming. In the end, women love masculinity, and it is even more apparent when a man has hair isn’t there.

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