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The 5 Best Bald Golfers | Why Golfer Bald? {2022}

Why do bald golfers seem to win more tournaments, and why do golfers tend to be bald? There are many theories behind the golfing phenomenon, with some saying that the sport itself is stressful and makes one lose their hair, while others believe it’s just due to the number of older men playing the game. Regardless of why so many golfers bald, here are the top 5 bald golfers of history, who continue to prove that hair loss doesn’t keep you off the fairway!


1) Thomas Bjorn

Thomas Bjorn best-of-the-bald-golf-edition

One reason why so many pro golfers are bald is that it’s common for them to have thinning hair at a young age. While some famous professional golfers began losing their hair in their late 20s or early 30s, others started to go bald earlier in life—like Thomas Bjorn, who was known as The Viking on tour. He joined the European Tour at 21 years old and went completely bald by 22.

2) Stewart Cink

Stewart Cink why golfer bald

At 40 years old, Stewart Cink is still a consistent and professional golfer. Cink first reached fame in 2009, when he won his first PGA Tour championship by beating Tiger Woods at the PGA Championship by three strokes. Since then, he’s developed into a respectable tour veteran who consistently ranks in the top 20 PGA tournament standings each year. As one of the few bald young golfers, he has been inspiring both players and fans for years to come. His sportsmanship on and off the course are some of the many admirable qualities that make him popular among fellow players and spectators alike.

3) Jim Furyk

Jim Furyk

Jim Furyk is a bald headed golfer on old course at st. Andrews, has made over $50,000,000 in prize money for his excellent golf game. Despite being bald headed, he still has an exceptionally strong hairline, and some people speculate that he uses minoxidil (Rogaine) to maintain it. One can argue that being bald is an advantage for Mr. Furyk because his head stays cool which means he sweats less during play. This becomes increasingly important as temperatures rise in late spring and early summer during tournament play. When you’re sweating less than your competitors it puts you at a competitive advantage which translates into more wins or better performance stats when playing on leaderboards online where sweat equity counts most.

4) Matt Kuchar

Matt Kuchar top bald golfer

Few players can claim they consistently finish near or at in professional golf. Matt Kuchar, a bald golfer with a bald beaver, is one of them. Known for his astounding accuracy and preparation, Kuchar was named Rookie of the Year in 2001 and has had seven tournament wins since then. In 2014, he earned more than $6 million on tour and was second place in the PGA Championship. He knows exactly where to put it, said no-nonsense personality, John Daly.

5) Bill Haas

Bill Haas

Haas didn’t lose his hair to male pattern baldness, but rather to alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease that causes patchy hair loss. He may not have been trying to maintain a good-looking hairline, but Haas certainly hasn’t lost any talent on golf courses around the world. After winning his first PGA Tour event in 2008 and posting several other top 10 finishes over his career, Haas finished in a five-way tie for third at last year’s British Open. Expect even more from him as he competes next month at one of golf’s most prestigious tournaments: The Masters.

Why do bald golfers seem to win more tournaments?

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why are so many pro golfers bald?

Golf is a tough sport. Not only do you have to hit a tiny ball far distances, but you’re standing outside for hours on end with no shade and nowhere to hide from the sunburn, but wearing a hat all day causes your scalp to sweaty which leads to hair loss. Combining those factors with our society’s focus on causes of hair loss, it’s not hard to see why so many golfers go bald.

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