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African Black Soap Benefits For Hair

African Black Soap Shampoo for Hair Growth

If the first question that springs to mind upon reading this African black soap benefits for hair growth title is, “what on earth is African black soap?” you definitely need to read this page to see which soap is good for hair growth.

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This is a product that can greatly benefit your hair on the scalp, skin and face. I am not talking commercialized but authentic, hand made soap from Ghana. Let’s get into the details of this mysterious product and find out what it is good for and what it can do for your hair growth.
For starters, let me show you what African Black Soap looks like:

Surprised?, Sure doesn’t look like Dove, does it?!
It may not look much like soap at all, since it is dark brown a crumbly like dried clay or mud, but its abilities to heal blemished skin, face acne, and make your hair grow 5 inches in a week are becoming famous.

Black soap shampoo for hair growth

12oz of our black soap shampoo for hair growth with Shea butter and patchouli. This is a terrific shampoo for dreadlocks as it leaves no residue and is 100% natural! Black soap has been used for centuries for hair growth and skin and really is the very best product you will ever use! this is 100% raw black soap that has been turned into a liquid and blended with a touch of raw Shea butter and essential oil to make a seriously awesome shampoo leaving your dreads tight and your hair moisturized not to mention leaving a nice lingering patchouli scent, don’t like patchouli? Don’t worry we have other blends available!

Back soap shampoo for hair growth

Don’t have dreads that’s cool this is still an incredible shampoo for all hair types! ALWAYS SHAKE WELL before each use! 12oz PETE disc top bottle. Full Ingredient List: *African Black Soap, Distilled H20,*shea butter, Vegetable-based grapefruit seed extract,*Patchouli essential oil *denotes organic ingredient.

Where is african black soap made

Black soap is available even in America but the authentic kind is made mostly in Western Africa. African Black Soap is a soap made mainly in Ghana. This is a country located along the western part of the continent as shown in the picture below.

Where is African black soap from

It is the preparation of the soap which leads to differences in the quality of the soap. The beginning soap product is created by initially burning the leaves of palm trees, plantain skins, banana tree barks and leaves, and cocoa pods in a big vat.

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After mixing with water the ash residue is then filtered out. One then adds several ingredients to make the soap, these include cocoa butter, shea butter, palm oil, and coconut. Women actually hand stir the concoction for an entire day. After about two weeks of curing the soap is ready.

The soap is comprised of the ashes from burned cocoa bean pods and plantain peels, palm oil, and shea butter. It is unlike any other soap in the world because it is free of lye. Lye, also known as potassium hydroxide, is used in soaps and has been known to cause irritations to the skin.

Different regions in Africa have their own special recipes, which give them their own unique feel. Soap from the middle areas of the content tends to have more shea butter than soap made along the coast, which has a higher mixture of coconut oil.

A variety of names are often used for Black soap. Ose Dudu is a common name. The name comes from dud meaning black and ose meaning soap.

The soap can be used on your face and hair and is said to help relieve dry skin, rash, scalp irritation, acne, oily skin, and blemishes among other skin issues.

African Black Soap has become very popular due to its organic properties and its effectiveness to clear up acne-prone skin.

Be sure to verify that the soap you are ordering is authentic and the black soap is 100% natural since many imitations of this popular product exist.

What is black soap ingredients

what is black soap ingredients

The Ingredients included are:

  • Coconut oil – Coconut oil is antifungal as well as antibacterial. It is also a deep moisturizer that keeps the skin supple. Coconut oil is also a conditioner used to condition hair as it prevents protein loss.
  • Shea butter – Shea butter extracted from Karite nuts is an unmatched moisturizer that will keep the skin nourished, supple, soft, soothed, firm, and hence young-looking without blocking the skin pores.
  • Cocoa pod powder – This powder contains antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory qualities that even out the skin and reduces swelling the skin.
  • Plantain skins – Contains vitamins A &E and iron. Vitamin A rises the manufacture of collagen that keeps the skin strong maintaining its structure and replacing the dead skin cells for healthier skin. On the other hand, Vitamin E aids in healing and making the skin supple.
  • Palm oil – Aids in healing sunburns as well as stretch marks. Palm oil is also a renowned moisturizer. Therefore its centrality in highly sensitive and dry skin. Vitamin A in palm oil acts as an antioxidant and is vital for hair growth as well. The antioxidant contains incredible anti-aging properties that deter the appearance of wrinkles as well as fine lines. 
  • Palm kernel oilThe priceless benefits of this component cannot be overlooked. Palm kernel oil has anti-aging skin itchiness and ragged cuticles relieve properties. It makes the skin softer and glossier giving it an incredible look. It also contains antioxidants that put at bay fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Camwood – Camwood is a type of tree found in Sierra Leon and Cameroon. It is also called African Sandalwood. The innermost part of camwood is ground into powder and used for exfoliation. It is also used to treat skin diseases such as acne, blemishes, wrinkles, sunburn eczema, and blackheads. When used as a facial mask camwood cleanses, rejuvenates, and detoxifies the skin leaving it fresher, firmer, and healthier. Camwood is also used as an anti-aging product making the skin look younger and brighter. Finally, camwood has skin-enhancing and naturally skin-soothing properties that makes its value priceless.
  • Spring water – Spring water, an important component of organic African black soap, is said to cure eczema, relieve the itching of the skin and also immensely enhance skin appearance. The harmless bacteria found in spring water are responsible for their effectiveness.

African Black Soap Benefits 

African black soap has been claimed to be a miracle worker on hair and skin, but how true is this claim? This article will help us find out many benefits of African black soap.

African Black Soap Benefits For Hair

Benefits of African Black Soap for Skin

African black soap has been known to be an inexpensive skin regime. This soap should be used as a daily skin regimen and


  • African Black soap is a perfect and gentle cleanser after hair removal. This is basically due to the fact that it is known to reduce the itchy skin irritation, fights razor bumps and ingrown hair and does not clog up pores. I can bet you have gone through that irritating moment after a leg shave. You certainly need not go through that again, not after I have shared with you this secret.
  • African black soap is also believed to be good in healing and soothing various skin infections such as rosacea, rashes and dryness on skin. It also helps calm psoriasis.
  • Like any other soap, the African black soap rids our bodies of germs and dirt. The one thing that distinguishes it from other soaps is that it does not rob your body of the essential oils like majority of other soaps do.
  • If you struggle with oily skin, religious use of the African black soap will help reduce the amount of sebum. This soap woks from deep within the skin to do this.
  • Ever had an insect bite? I can bet it was not an awesome experience. The venom produced by insects can be quite detrimental to your skin`s health. African black soap helps cure skin irritated by insect bites, which is made possible by the active ingredients of plantain and cocoa, which decrease itching and soreness. This is the same case with any form of scarring on the skin.
  • Are you struggling with uneven skin tone, probably due to an effect of the various skin products you have been trying out over the years? Well, this can be buried deep in the past. African black soap is known to be a good product to even out skin tone. You no longer have to walk around town looking like two people trapped in one body. This soap is known to reduce dark spots and scars and also helps with hyper pigmentation. This is achieved through the soap`s essential rich nutrients and its skin lightening effect, which by the way is healthy and safe lightening.
  • You must have gone through so many products, hopping from one cosmestics store to another in search of a good gentle soap, and you are probably yet to find one that works for your skin. African black soap should end that search now. Whatever you skin type, oily skindry skin or sensitive skin, this soap is perfect. It is known to be good on all skin types due to the fact that it is made of pure natural products.

Benefits of African Black Soap for Face

Let`s face it, a woman`s most valued part of her body is the face. One pimple breakout and you want to hide your face all day. Cosmetics manufacturers are also aware of this and are spending endless nights coming up with products that offer all kinds of promises.

African black soap will give you that youthful look, as it contains anti oxidants that help reduce wrinkles and ageing properties. Caucasian and Asian skin types specifically are more prone to developing age spots due to the inherent nature of their skin. This benefit does not however excuse you from eating healthy.

Remember that moment after your holiday when your face was full of sunburns. The plantain present in African black soap helps fight the sun burns, the itching and the rashes. This is due to its anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties

When you require deep pore cleansing or need to remove your make up, save some money and use this soap. African black soap is known to contain essential oils and butter that are required for a good cleanser. Women that use this regimen twice a day religiously have sworn to show impressive improvement in three weeks.

African black soap has good exfoliating properties that helps remove dead skin and gives you a supple face. It also contains good moisturizing agents that help keep your skin moisturized. Again, this is no excuse for dropping your water bottle.

If you wish to have a blemish face, get yourself some African black soap.

African Black Soap Benefits For Hair

Hair is another treasured part of the human body. Most people have a difficult time trying to identify the right hair products that will not only eliminate dandruff but also retain the natural hair oils. Black soap is beneficial for people with hair loss conditions such as Alopecia. Black soap is rich in Vitamin A & E and iron oxides which are essential for hair growth. Not only for people with hair fall conditions, but also anyone who wishes for healthy hair growth.

Anyone suffering from hair fall can use African black soap as a hair rinse. In this case it has to be used together with some vinegar and water. Continuous use of this soap can also help eliminate dandruff. This only means replacing it with your sweet scented shampoo. The anti fungal and anti bacterial properties of this soap helps to soothe the itching caused by the dry scalp which brings about dandruff .As awful as that smell is, and you would not like it on your hair, using it would be the best idea ever.

Benefits of African Black Soap on Stretch marks

We all hate the ugly look of stretch marks on our bodies. Stretch marks are more likely to affect women especially during pregnancy. Sudden weight gain is also a stretch mark culprit. Luckily black soap can help you say goodbye to stretch marks when religiously applied on the affected area.

The cocoa present in black soap helps in reducing stretch marks. Nigerian and Ghanaian women have been known to use this wonder soap during pregnancy.

Benefits of African Black Soap on Acne

Acne can really mess your self esteem. People will go to all lengths just to fight acne. Good news is that the African black soap can help prevent and reduce acne. Black soap is made of natural ingredients that does not contain any chemicals hence cannot harm the skin.

Acne is usually as a result of too much oil on the skin. Black soap is believed to reduce the oils on the skin and also soothes the irritation to prevent further break outs.

Black soap can also be mixed with sugar and used as facial scrub which also helps destroy dead cells and prevent acne breakouts as well.

Benefits of African Black Soap on Eczema

Eczema is a condition characterized by dry thickened and scaly skin. Other than it being a condition that can take your esteem on the low, it can also be quite difficult to treat. Some topical creams treat but a recurrence appears later on.

Black soap has been known to be very effective when it comes to treatment of eczema. The soap contains anti inflammatory, anti fungal and anti bacterial properties that help in keeping the skin moisturized and reduces soothing. Eczema really needs lots of moisturizing due to the flaky skin experienced in that condition.

Types of African Black Soap

  • Dudu Osun African Black Soap
  • Madina African Black Soap
  • Naturelife African Black Soap

African Black Soap Review

I have a very sensitive skin that will react to almost any beauty product that I try on it. The slightest scent or chemical will cause such outbreak and inflammation as you have never imagined. For many years I have searched through various sites without much success as the products I have fallen for have yielded little, no or really bad results.

The products I have tried, though with wonderful reviews, have often culminated to disastrous results ranging from bumps, skin inflammation to breakouts and rashes. Then the most incredible thing happened in my life. I stumbled into the magical organic African black soap and things took a new turn and in this case, towards the right direction. The soap reduces razor bumps. Things have never been the same again. It could be selfish of me not to share my experience and research on this soap with the million others that are especially having a hard time with acne.

Here is what I personally found out about the soap.

How to use african black soap for hair growth

  1. Cut the the block into manageable bars.
  2. Lather the soap on bare hands or on a piece of cloth and gently massage into the scalp or the face.
  3. Would also wet a brush with water and rub it on the soap and allow it to lather then use the brush on your hair.
  4. Leave it for 5-10 minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Use the soap on daily basis for swift and consistent results. A moisturizer comes handy as the soap would render the skin dry.


  • Has a subtle fragrance also referred to as an earthly smell that is fresh and not perfumed. This favours those allergic to strong smells.
  • Multipurpose, the soap can be used as a toilet soap as well as shampoo to clean hair.
  • Lathers easily and richly
  • Naturally exfoliates the skin
  • Makes the skin firmer as it acts as an anti-ageing product
  • Produces fast results with 1-2 weeks.
  • It is required in small amounts hence economical
  • There is no soap residues left on the skin, hence skin is able to absorb beneficial compounds in moisturisers.
  • Has no dyes or charcoal.
  • It is 100% natural.
  • Has vital vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin.
  • Can be used by new born babies, kids and infants.
  • Mild fragrance hence doesn’t cause irritation.
  • Used for calming the skin after shaving and cleanses the scalp in the process.
  • Remedy dandruff in the hair.
  • Used as a hair conditioner.
  • Leaves the skin healthier than never before.
  • Clears redness
  • Makes the skin ‘squeaky’ clean.
  • Used also on hair.


  • The dry effect associated with the soap would be disadvantageous to individuals with dry skin as it intensifies the dryness. However coconut oil now found in the soap has immensely taken care of this.
  • In case of broken skin brought about by cuts, pimple pop or scrape the soap would sting just like in all other soaps.
  • Individuals with allergies such as Paba may find the soap irritating their skins as well.
  • It is softer than normal bar soap and easily warps if left in contact with water for a long time.
  • Once made wet the wax coat gets messy by clogging surfaces and the residue has to be cleaned
  • The company has no mention of fair trade.

Where Can I Buy African Black Soap?

Throughout this article you’ll find plenty of link to where you can get African black soap. But to make it easy, I’ve compiled this quick list:

African Black Soap Specialty Stores

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Target

Walmart – (Sort of. They have something they call ‘black soap’ which isn’t real African Black Soap. Probably fools a lot of people.)

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